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As a new decorative material in 2022, AOWEI PVC Marble Sheet has very rich design colors. It not only has various designs of traditional natural marble, but also in order to meet market demand, we continue to incorporate various design elements that are currently the most popular, and strive to satisfy designers. According to the requirements of different design styles, more than 1,000 designs have been developed, which can meet various decoration styles in different countries and regions. We are also constantly innovating in design, and every year we launch new products of the season, so that our customers can keep up with the market trend.

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Wallboard has more physical advantages and better stability than logs. The production process of the bathroom board has the same machinability as the log. Nailable, sawn, cut, drilled. Simply use nails or bolts to attach the panels and the surface texture is so smooth that no painting is required. In addition, wallboard has more physical advantages and better stability than logs. In domestic daily use, there will be no cracks, warped edges, diagonal lines and other phenomena. Water resistant and has good fire resistance Due to its own characteristics, PVC MARBLE SHEET is particularly water resistant and has good fire resistance. At the same time, PVC MARBLE SHEET is environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant, and does not require excessive maintenance.Convenient for construction workers to transport and install. The appearance and texture of Pvc bathroom panels are very similar to those of marble, but compared with natural marble, the wall panels are lighter in weight, which is convenient for construction workers to transport and install.




In the production process of PVC MARBLE SHEET, flame retardant materials are added to make the product have excellent fire resistance. It will automatically extinguish when a fire occurs, improving safety. It is also very convenient to maintain and clean. Just wipe off the stain with a rag, giving consumers more peace of mindPVC marble sheet is a wall decoration material, the main material is PVC material, a new type of environmental protection material. Rich colors to choose from, with the advantages of waterproof, anti-ant, mute, easy installation and so on. Widely used in home improvement and commercial placesPVC MARBLE SHEET has many patterns and rich colors, giving consumers more choices. Wall panel installation is very convenient. After the overall wall decoration, the decoration taste is instantly improved. Widely used in entertainment venues, hotels, conference centers, offices and other indoor walls.

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