Meet the Hardworking Minds behind AOWEI: China's Top Eco-Friendly Decoration Materials Manufacturer

Our Team: The Hardworking Minds behind the Top Eco-Friendly Decoration Materials of AOWEI

Behind every successful brand is a team of hardworking individuals who share the same vision and goal: to provide excellent products and services that meet the needs and expectations of their clients. At AOWEI, the top eco-friendly decoration materials manufacturer in China, this is no exception. Here, we introduce our team and let you in on how their expertise and dedication contribute to the company's success.

The Founder: Mr. Chen Xizhong

Mr. Xizhong has been in the decoration materials industry for over 20 years, and his experience and knowledge of the market encouraged him to build his own brand - AOWEI. His passion for creating eco-friendly materials for decorations led him to establish AOWEI, a company that advocates environmental protection while providing products that meet high-quality standards.

The Sales Team

The sales team is responsible for growing the business and increasing the customer base. Team members work to showcase AOWEI products to potential clients and assist them in finding the perfect product that fits their needs. They also handle customer inquiries, build good relationships with clients, and ensure customer satisfaction.

The R&D Team

At the heart of AOWEI's product innovations lies the Research and Development team. They are tasked with pioneering new eco-friendly decoration materials and upgrading existing ones. Equipped with advanced technologies and a thorough understanding of the market, the R&D team conducts extensive research on new materials that could optimize functions, reduce costs, and lessen environmental impacts. With their expertise and determination, they have produced some of AOWEI's best-selling products - the PVC marble sheet and the WPC panel.

The Production Team

The production team is responsible for the manufacturing process of AOWEI products. They operate the 50-plus advanced calendering production lines to ensure that every product has been crafted with precision, quality, and environmental consciousness. This team relates closely with the R&D team to ensure production processes meet the company's aim for sustainable and eco-friendly directions.

The Quality Control Team

No top eco-friendly decoration materials would be complete without the Quality Control team. They ensure that every product passes strict quality control procedures, meets the CMA environmental protection standards and fire protection standards, and is exactly what was promised to the customer. They play a vital role in AOWEI's success in building trust and confidence with its clients.

The Administrative Team

Last but not least, administrative staff takes care of the business's behind the scenes. They handle the management of operations, finances, human resources, and logistics, making sure everything runs smoothly. Their indispensable role in AOWEI's everyday operation enables its dedicated and committed production to focus on producing top eco-friendly decoration materials.


The successful performance of AOWEI is down to its team members' collective passion, dedication, and expertise. As the top eco-friendly decoration materials manufacturer in China, AOWEI's team of hardworking and committed professionals is the backbone of the company's growing success, with client satisfaction being their driving force. They continue to aim to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment while delivering high-quality decorative materials to customers worldwide. AOWEI will always remain devoted to being a leader in eco-friendly innovation and being a part of every client's vision in having an eco-friendly and sustainable ambiance.
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